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Governing Board

The role of the Governing Board is to formulate school policy and ensure that a high quality educational service is provided to the local community.

A Full Governors’ Meeting is held at least once a term. In addition there are two sub-committees, one which covers areas such as finance, staffing, premises and Health and Safety (F&GP) and the other covers the curriculum, teaching and learning, SEND and HLP students (Standards).

The Governing Board welcomes comments from parents in order to continue to provide a responsive service. You may always approach your Governors if you want to discuss something or you could contact them via e-mail: or in writing via the school office, if you do not know them.

Vanessa Clear (Chair)
I have been a member of the Governing Body at Priory for a six years.  As a member of the Governing Body my aim is to ensure that all students and staff are provided with the best learning opportunities and experiences at Priory Academy.  I am currently Chair of the Standards Sub-Committee and act as a Link Governor for English, Music and Drama.  I’m keen to offer a parental perspective to the strategic management of Priory Academy through first-hand experience of what the school delivers to our children and our community.  My vision for Priory is to see it as an “Outstanding” academy, increasing opportunities and raising aspirations; offering the best teaching and learning environment with higher academic results – encouraging a wider choice of career paths for all our students and I want to play a part in making all that happen.

Vanessa Green (Vice Chair)
I was appointed as a co-opted Governor in March 15 before becoming a Member Nominated Governor.  I sit on the Standards Committee and am currently Link Governor for Attendance & Safeguarding and Languages.
I am married and live near to the Academy in a local village.   I have worked in the Police Service for 22 years and hold a senior management position as a Police Control Room Manager where I have responsibility for all call handling, deployment and control of resources throughout that County.
I have a keen interest, as a parent to a student at the Academy, in ensuring it is able to provide the best possible learning environment and opportunities, not just for the students but also for our staff.  As well as sitting on the Governing Board I also assist the PSA where I can and do what I can to help the Academy.
I have been extremely impressed by the strong leadership and teaching capabilities we have at our Academy and the results speak for themselves with our students producing outstanding academic results.  Our students and staff are engaged and I am very proud to be part of this Governing Board and hope that I am able to bring a wealth of expertise and value.

Claire McMenamin
I became a Parent Governor in Sept 2017.  As a working mum and living locally to the school for over fifteen years, I aim to bring a parent’s perspective to the work of the governing body.  Professionally I have many years’ experience in supporting learning and development.  I understand how important it is that our school provides all our students with a learning experience which is right for them and gives them a solid platform to move on to the next stage of their life.

Patrick O’Neill
As a parent of two children at Priory, I am a strong supporter of the school’s values and aims. I am also delighted that my children will have the opportunity to continue their education at Priory until they are sixteen.

Priory is undergoing considerable changes in order to cater for extending its age range. Part of that transformation invariably includes changing the infrastructure, and it is in this area that I bring extensive knowledge and expertise.  I have been in the building industry for over 25 years working initially as a building engineer, then at a senior level, managing large, multi-million pound construction projects.  I have been the director of my own building company for some years now, which gives me a wealth of business experience as well.

Teresa Warren
I joined the board of governors in June 2015 as a parent of two in the school with an interest in ensuring the school provides the best for their education and well being along with all other children now and in the future.  It is a very changing and interesting time for education, Priory and the staff and our children.

My varied business background of Finance, Project and Change Management and HR enables me to support various aspects of school life and the strategic management.

Priory Academy Governing Board
Member / Trustee status Committee Membership Date of Current Appointment Date of Resignation       (if applicable) Meetings Attended 17/18 Meetings Attended 16/17 Meetings Attended 15/16 Meetings Attended 14/15
Mrs Vanessa Clear (Chair) * Member Appointed Standards Committee Chair 19/11/2014 9/9 9/9 10/10 9/9
Mrs Vanessa Green (Vice Chair) Member Appointed Standards Committee 10/06/2015 7/7 6/6 7/7 2/2
Mr Patrick O’Neill Member Appointed F&GP Committee 10/06/2015 7/7 6/7 6/7 3/3
Mrs Teresa Warren * Member Appointed F&GP Committee 10/06/2015 6/6 6/7 6/7 2/2
Mr Mark Spittle Member Appointed F&GP Committee 20/09/2017 10/05/2018 1/3
Mrs Sarah Wilkinson Parent Governor Standards Committee 21/09/2016 6/6 7/7 N/A N/A
Mrs Sherbano Jalil Parent Governor Standards Committee 20/09/2017 5/6
Mrs Claire McMenamin Parent Governor Standards Committee 20/09/2017 5/6
Mr Mark Cronin Staff Governor Standards Committee 08/11/2017 5/6
Mrs Lesley Scott Staff Governor Standards Committee 08/11/2017 4/5
Mrs Mahnaz Smith (Headteacher) Headteacher N/A N/A 9/9 7/7 10/10 9/9
* Members
Mr Stephen Crossley (Chair) * Member Appointed F&GP Committee 13/10/2012 27/08/2017 7/9 6/10 6/9
Mrs Beverley Coleman Member Appointed F&GP Committee 18/09/2013 20/09/2017 5/7 5/7 1/6
Mrs Emma Collins Elected by Staff Standards Committee 14/02/2013 20/09/2017 6/6 6/7 6/6
Mr Henry Cross Elected by Staff Standards Committee 08/12/2014 12/07/2017 5/6 5/7 2/4
Mrs Amanda Burgess Elected by Parents F&GP Committee 16.01.2013 19.10.2015 1/1 6/6
Mr Michael Kent Member Appointed F&GP Committee 01.04.2014 10.12.2015 2/3 5/6
Mr Ivor Mitchelmore * Member Appointed Standards Committee 17.09.2012 02.01.2016 3/3 6/6
Mrs Louise Williams Elected by Parents Standards Committee 19.11.2012 22.03.2016 0/6 6/6
Mr Brett Alligan * Elected by Parents F&GP Committee Chair 11.03.2013 22.07.2016 6/7 6/6

Full details are available from the school on request.

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08002543-Priory Academy Final Accounts 15_16
08002543-Priory Academy Annual Report and Financial Statement, August 2015

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