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KS2 Art


Key Stage 2:

Course content
During Key Stage 2 students develop their creativity and imagination through more complex activities. These help to build on their skills and improve their control of materials, tools and techniques.

Year 5
During Year 5 students are introduced to the Elements of Art, see curriculum details below:
Year 5 Art Curriculum

Year 6
As they move to Year 6 students will look at Art in more depth starting with Medieval Art:
Year 6 Art Curriculum

Sketch Books
Students are expected to use a sketch book for recording, exploring and storing visual and other information. It will be used as an ongoing record of their learning and achievement.

At KS2 there is an assessment at the end of each project where targets will be set and national curriculum levels given.

The Art department is registered with Nsead which informs our school of interesting and current development in art education.