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KS2 English

Key Stage 2

Course content:
At Key Stage 2, the English Department follows the National Curriculum.  We believe that the curriculum is demanding and allows students to build their skills base; as well as giving them the ability to discuss issues and ideas with confidence.

Guided reading groups are organised within KS2 English groups, with comprehension tasks being given each week.  Accelerated Reader is now in place for Year 5  and 6 and the students are assessed termly for reading ages.  The library is organised so that students can find appropriate reading material easily and a quiz is taken once the book is finished.

Year 5
In Year 5, students are taught in ability groups.  They explore novels, short stories and play scripts from different cultures and time periods; non-fiction writing styles and poetry.








Year 6
In Year 6, students build on and develop their reading, writing and speaking and listening skills.  They explore fiction genres and their key features; non-fiction reading and writing; formal and informal writing styles; poetic devices and develop their speaking and listening skills through discussion and debate.  Reading comprehension is also developed along with punctuation, grammar and spelling, ready for the SATs tests.

Target Setting and Assessment
In Year 6, students are grouped according to ability.  Pupils complete half-termly writing tasks and termly reading tests so that individual targets can be set.

The More Able
In the classroom, work is differentiated to make sure that all students are appropriately supported and challenged. Targeted questioning pushes students to consider their responses carefully.

Support is provided and targeted at the students in line with their ability as reflected in their set placements.  We also offer tailored support for students identified as needing extra help.