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KS2 French

ks2french1Key Stage 2:

Course content:

Our aim is to make French learning a pleasant and successful experience, within the framework of the National Curriculum. We offer French to all students from Year 5 which provides a sound basis for foreign language learning at Key Stage 3. Students are taught in mixed ability classes and receive a one hour lesson per week.









Year 5:

In Year 5, students learn to introduce themselves and ask and give personal details e.g. name, age etc.  They learn numbers up to 31, the French alphabet, the months, building on work already covered in Lower School.  They also learn to describe themselves, other people and pets. The emphasis is on speaking and listening, but reading and writing are important too. Some simple classroom language is introduced.
Year 5 French Curriculum

Year 6:

Pupils learn to talk about school, tell the time in French, and to give opinions and reasons.  They also learn to talk about hobbies and to give reasons for their opinions.  Although the emphasis is still on speaking and listening, pupils start to write independently.  In addition, their use of classroom language is developed.
Year 6 French Curriculum