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KS2 Geography

geog1Key Stage 2:

Course content:
At Key Stage 2 students will be introduced to Geographical concepts and skills. Students will have access to a wide range of topics which will stimulate their wider local and global knowledge.

Year 5:
In year 5 students study a number of different topics to allow them to build on their geographical knowledge from Lower School and to start preparing them for KS3 Geography. The topics follow the National Curriculum and students study a range of physical and human geography concepts.
Year 5 Geography Curriculum

Year 6:
Year 6 students will begin the year looking at their Personal Geography, a small project to get students to think about their connections to the world.  This first unit will also re-visit and build on some mapping skills taught in Year 5.  This is also the opportunity of visiting The Living Rainforest during the year.

Please attached a curriculum overview for Year 6 students:
Year 6 Geography CurriculumPENTAX DIGITAL CAMERA


Students across all year groups will be assessed in geography through various means including, essay style questions, tests, stories and classwork. There will be an emphasis on SPAG in all year groups and in particular the use of geographical vocabulary and using capital letters for places.