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Course content
All students have access to our Virtual Learning Environment, which they can also access at home to support home learning in all subject areas.  Pupils in years 7-9 study a different topic every half term.  Please see a copy of the curriculum plan for each year group attached below.  E-safety is covered in all Key Stage 3 year groups to ensure students understand the potential dangers online.

Year 7
A wide variety of essential topics and skills are covered, such as creating a horror story, making a game, stop-motion animation with Lego and publishing. Many topics will also improve students’ understanding of English and Maths topics, for example creating a digital story.
Year 7 ICT Curriculum

Year 8
In Year 8, students will continue to work on their essential ICT skills, such as excel spreadsheets and cryptography, whilst also getting the chance to demonstrate their creativity.  They are given the opportunity to enter an animation competition, through the University of Manchester and create a website and app.
Year 8 ICT Curriculum

Year 9
In year 9, students are preparing for more formal examinations as they move on to Key Stage 4 GCSE courses.  They are expected to revise their essential skills while preparing for GCSE level work.  As their confidence in their skills improves, they are expected to be able to solve and master more complex and multi-step problems.
Year 9 ICT Curriculum

Target Setting and assessment
In Key Stage 3, students work in class groups. They are assessed every half term at the end of every topic, to ensure all strengths and weaknesses are located and therefore enabling us to deliver more independent learning for individuals.

The more able
In the classroom, work is differentiated to make sure that all students are appropriately supported and challenged.  We have a wide range of resources available to enable us to do this.

Support is provided and targeted at the students in line with their ability. Currently, all Key Stage 3 ICT classes have an ICT technician working alongside the teacher and many classes have a teaching assistant in addition to this.  Some students also have access to a laptop during other lessons to support their needs.

Additional Opportunities
An ICT club runs at lunch time for students to work on their class work or homework.