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KS3 Music


Key Stage 3: Course content:
We want to ensure every student enjoys music and gains a real sense of achievement as a consequence. We believe that it is important that all students, whatever their musical ability, have the opportunity to improve their skills and appreciate the joy of composing, playing or singing live music and have fun along the way!

Year 7 and 8
In years 7 and 8 we work further on composing skills and Elements of Music.  In Year 7 we look at Music from the 1950s and 60s, ’12-Bar Blues’ and ‘Gamelan Music from Indonesia’.  Year 8 students further explore Rhythm & Pulse and they study ‘Pop music from the 1970s’, ‘Film Music’ and Jazz.

Year 7 Music Curriculum
Year 8 Music Curriculum

In the spring term we produce a musical for Key Stage 3

Year 9
In year 9 we will be revisiting and reinforcing the elements of music and rhythm and pulse in both composition and performance.  Year 9 students will also be studying ‘Motown’, ‘Ragtime’ and ‘Reggae’ music.

Year 9 Music Curriculum

Extra Curricular activities
We offer a range of extra curricular activities in music, including choir, recorders and the opportunity to play in the school in band in different venues throughout the local community.

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