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KS3 Science

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Key Stage 3:

Course content                        
The Science curriculum is made up of topics in physics, chemistry and biology.  It builds on students’ experience of Science at primary level and provides an excellent preparation for further study at GCSE.  Please see below a brief overview of the topics covered and full curriculum information for each year group is attached.

Year 7
Plants and Animals (cells and reproduction); Chemistry (atoms and chemical reactions); Light and sound waves; Earth and its place in the universe; Forces.
Year 7 Science Curriculum

Year 8
Circuits and electricity; gas and air pressure; effects of lifestyles on the body; organisms; the Earth (structure and atmosphere); metals.
Year 8 Science Curriculum

Year 9
In year 9 students will follow a skills based curriculum to prepare them for the controlled assessments that have to be completed during their CSE Science course.  Students will also extend their KS3 work in biology, chemistry and physics:
Year 9 Science Curriculum

The more able
In the classroom, work is differentiated to make sure that all students are appropriately supported and challenged.  We have a wide range of resources available to enable us to do this.

Support is provided and targeted at the students in line with their ability.