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KS2 Maths


Key Stage 2:

Course content:

At Key Stage 2 the Maths Department follows the National Curriculum levels up to levels 6+.  We believe the curriculum is demanding and allows students to develop their formal skills base; as well as giving them the ability to apply and solve problems confidently.

Year 5
In Year 5 students follow the National Curriculum studying number, measurement, geometry and statistics.  The level at which the students are taught is closely matched to their termly teacher assessments consolidating and extending learning where applicable.  Please see our current Year 5 Maths curriculum below:
Year 5 Maths Curriculum

Year 6
In Year 6 students build upon and extend their range of maths skills. They follow the National Curriculum studying number, algebra, measurement, geometry and statistics.  The students then sit their KS2 SATS tests in May, after which they start the KS3 programme of study.  Please see our current Year 6 Maths curriculum below:
Year 6 Maths Curriculum

Target Setting and assessment:

In Key Stage 2 pupils are grouped according to ability.  Pupils sit a half-termly test so that individual targets can be set.

The more able:

In the classroom, work is differentiated to make sure that all students are appropriately supported and challenged.
We have a wide range of resources available to enable us to do this.


Support is provided and targeted at the students in line with their ability as reflected in which set they have been placed in individuals and small groups.  We also offer Booster Lessons for pupils identified as needing extra help.