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Priory Academy welcomes Laura Jane Williams

On Thursday 16th March 2017, we were very excited to host a writing workshop for some of our Year 10 girls with the author Laura Jane Williams.

Laura uses a number of platforms to publish her writing: she is the author of Amazon bestseller ‘BECOMING’ (Hodder & Stoughton) and wrote a weekly column in Grazia magazine. In addition, she is Marie Claire magazine’s’ #BREAKFREE From Fear’ ambassador, and has published everywhere from The Guardian to RED to Buzzfeed, The Metro, Stylist and The Telegraph as well as online via Instagram and her blog. Her second book, ‘ICE CREAM FOR BREAKFAST’ is out in April 2017. She often gives talks and sits on panels about being a woman and being a writer and teaches creative writing, too.

Testimonials from two of our Year 10 girls who attended her workshop:

Meeting Laura Jane Williams was such an incredible opportunity! All through our school lives, we learn how to write to please an examiner. With Laura, we were taught ways to write a piece that people will WANT to read and be inspired by! She has motivated me to write more passionately with confidence. I am so thankful for the possibility of meeting someone so encouraging and influential. Laura was so friendly and made everyone in the room feel like they can relate to her and not be uncomfortable saying anything.
When I write next, I will use the advice and skills I have been given to really enhance my piece and be proud of it.” LAYLA

The writer Laura Jane Williams visited to do a writers’ workshop. She taught us valuable skills like how to adapt your writing to specific audiences, or even social media to engage with people and tell your real life stories in an interesting way! She assured us that there’s a writer in everyone and we don’t need to be a stereotypical writer in an American coffee shop to access it”. LUCY