Personal Development

At Priory Academy, our vision is to empower students to thrive in every facet of their lives. We strive to nurture well-rounded, empathetic individuals who can actively contribute to and influence society. Central to our mission is instilling our ACE values of Achievement, Care and Kindness and Excellence for all members of our community through the teaching and demonstration of exemplary character.

In support of Priory Academy's vision of nurturing students into responsible members of society, we provide opportunities for them to explore important issues and engage in various initiatives. Whether it is fundraising for charities, or leading 'in-school' projects like world culture day or children in need, our students are encouraged and supported in their endeavours.

Through our well-established House system, students engage in regular competitions throughout the year, fostering resilience and mutual respect. Our diverse extra-curricular activities, including sports, music, drama, food, science and many more clubs, provide opportunities for all students to express themselves and develop individually and as part of a team. The House charities also offer students a chance to develop fundraising skills for the chosen school charity. Priory Academy students in Year 10 begin to have a taste for life after education when they enjoy a week of work experience in diverse trades both locally and nationally.

In line with Priory Academy's commitment to community engagement, students are urged to participate in local and national issues, actively working with local care homes to organise events, visit residents, and offer support, fostering intergenerational connections and contributing positively to the well-being of the broader community.

From the moment students join Priory Academy, they are encouraged to develop leadership skills. They can serve as Form Representatives, members of the Junior Leadership Team, participate in interview panels, and join the wide variety of clubs on offer. Progressing through the school, students can become Sports Captains, House Captains and Head students.

At Priory Academy, personal development is paramount to the school journey. Our ACE values shape the character of every student, fostering lasting positive contributions within the school and the wider community. This is taught through assemblies, Personal Development curriculum in tutor time and our Life Skills curriculum.

The popular World Challenge expedition at Priory Academy extends students' development beyond the classroom, demonstrating their willingness to challenge themselves and showcasing continual personal growth within the student body. 

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