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IT (Computing)

As the rate at which technology is increasingly integrated into our lives, at Priory we believe that it is essential to prepare all our students to thrive in this ever-changing world. In Computing we aim to introduce our students to a diverse range of experiences that will develop their independent problem-solving and critical thinking skills. This will make them dynamic and self-motivated learners who are able to thrive in the modern digital world. The curriculum is constantly updated to reflect developments in the technological advancements and impacts on our society. We also aim to excite the learners to develop a passion for technology, to become responsible global citizens and to understand how our relationship will computers and information technology will shape our futures.
The Purpose of Knowledge Organisers
A knowledge organiser sets out the important, useful and powerful knowledge on a topic. For students to succeed in IT, they must have a foundation of factual knowledge, understand those facts and be able to apply them to a specific context. We at Priory Academy believe that the use of knowledge organisers can enhance and further students’ learning, therefore we are building them into our curriculum and are encouraging the use of them at home for home learning purposes and for revision. Please click on the correct year group and term for the current knowledge organiser being used.


Key Stage 2

Key Stage 3

All KS3 students have a weekly 50-minute lesson in a dedicated IT suite, with a computer for each student.  There are 6 units in every school year, taking approximately 1 half term per unit that culminate in an end of term assessment.  Most unit’s content is independent and learning rarely relies on previous units, except for the Programming units.  However, all programming units are supported by extensive resource to allow previous learning to be consolidated.

Year 7 CurriculumYear 7 Key WordsYear 8 CurriculumYear 8 Key WordsYear 9 CurriculumYear 9 Key Words


The highest quality resources are sought for each unit and as such we do not use any single textbook.  Instead most units are shared with students electronically through Microsoft Teams and/or the school intranet.

Key Stage 4

We currently offer Year 11 students Cambridge Nationals Levels 1 and 2 in Information Technologies from OCR with the code J808.  This course is design for students wishing to pursue a career in IT or to continue their studies with a Level 3 qualification in IT at KS5. 

Information Technologies

Key Words -LO1

Key Words - LO3

Key Words - LO4

Key Words - LO6


KS4-J808 - Current Year 11

KS4 - J834 - Current Year 10


Year 7 Knowledge Organisers

Year 8 Knowledge Organisers

Year 9 Knowledge Organisers

KS4 Knowledge Organisers

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