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What is the Vision of Music at Priory Academy?

Music is almost always associated with the three main elements of music: performing, composition and listening and appraising. At Priory Academy, we believe that music, a combination of these three elements, is a unique form of communication that allows children to express how they feel. The combination of creativity and emotion allows for personal expression and development whilst being inclusive to all ages and abilities. 

Music is a powerful learning tool for teaching our students to be resilient and patient whilst allowing each and every student to be creative. As a curriculum subject, it gives students a practical knowledge of music not just in performance, but in composition and analysis. The curriculum at Priory Academy is designed for students to explore how music is an integral part to both time and space.  

Music education combines other subject knowledge to allow for cross-curricular working. For example: Drama, Dance, English, Mathematics, Physical Education. It supports the teaching of English by developing oral communication skills through performances and compositions but also in ensemble work. Music is perfect for developing vital skills like: independence in solo performances, appreciation of different cultures and their traditions, concentration, co-operation with others in ensemble work and confidence of both performing and speaking in front of the class.

The Purpose of Knowledge Organisers

A knowledge organiser sets out the important, useful and powerful knowledge on a topic. For students to succeed in Music, they must have a foundation of factual knowledge, understand those facts and be able to apply them to a specific context. We at Priory Academy believe that the use of knowledge organisers can enhance and further students’ learning, therefore we are building them into our curriculum and are encouraging the use of them at home for home learning purposes and for revision. Please click on the correct year group and term for the current knowledge organiser being used.

Music Learning Journey

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