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Curriculim Intent Statement


In PE we aim to create physically competent sports performers, responsible citizens and hone a love for physical activity, inspiring students to make healthy active choices in their lives which are sustainable. Enthusiastic staff will motivate students encouraging effort and determination through active lessons and extra-curricular activities.

High expectations of practical performance, respect, effort and leadership will be taught through challenge and opportunities. This will bring students out of their comfort zone to promote perseverance, thus creating a more resilient and critically thinking Priory student.

The use of student leadership will provide opportunities of participation and further the appreciation, knowledge and understanding of various sports to help prepare them for their GCSE courses.


Pupils are taught a range of sports which are not necessarily the gender stereotype. All pupils are able to experience the same sports.

The skills in which are taught in PE overlap in a variety of sports. This means the skills learned in one sport can be successfully transferred into another whilst developing it even further to improve the skill. In KS2, pupils will experience a wide range of sports but when they get into KS3 the curriculum narrows with the sports that are chosen at GCSE PE being covered in order to best prepare the students for KS4.

In KS2, the fundamentals of sport are key focus. Lessons are skill based where pupils are able to develop the relevant skills for each sport. Appreciation of other art forms such as gymnastics are considered, where pupils will watch replicate and create routines.

In year 7, pupils are taught basic warm up where pupils gain a basic understanding of the importance of warming up effectively. Basic tactics are taught and developed in order to develop gameplay. Teaching gross and fine skills in various sports, developing peer and self-assessment.

In year 8, pupils will lead their own warm ups in small groups ensuring they have all components of a warm up covered. More complex tactics are taught and developed in order to develop gameplay. Basic tactics are used correctly. Developing fine skills and developing peer and self-assessment further focussing on quality feedback.

In year 9, physical competence stems into GCSE PE and Sports Studies in terms of performing at the highest level. Tactics and skills learned are assessed against the GCSE sports specification so each pupils’ level of ability is clear before they choose their GCSE courses.


By the end of year 9, pupils will be able to put the skills and tactics they have learned throughout the years into practice. Pupils will be able to demonstrate an effective warm up, high quality leadership and be able to effectively assess themselves and other peers. Pupils at Priory Academy enjoy PE, this was evident in the pupil voice results. The level of sport at Priory is at a high level, which can be seen by out recent success in the ESFA and County Cup. The aim is to continue to build upon this and achieve even more both academically and through extra-curricular.

The Purpose of Knowledge Organisers

A knowledge organiser sets out the important, useful and powerful knowledge on a topic. For students to succeed in PE, they must have a foundation of factual knowledge, understand those facts and be able to apply them to a specific context. We at Priory Academy believe that the use of knowledge organisers can enhance and further students’ learning, therefore we are building them into our curriculum and are encouraging the use of them at home for home learning purposes and for revision. Please click on the correct year group and term for the current knowledge organiser being used.

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Key Stage 2

Course Content

We want to ensure every student enjoys PE and fitness.  Coupled with the obvious ‘well-being’ benefit that participation in any physical activity brings, we also passionately believe that our students will develop a sense of aspiration, a determination to succeed and a tremendous spirit of camaraderie and teamwork.

We offer a diverse range of activities for all students, both in lessons and as extra-curricular opportunities.

Year 5 Curriculum

Year 6 Curriculum



Key Stage 3

Course Content

At KS3 students will have access to 2 hours of PE per week as part of their core provision.

Over the course of a year, students will cover the following National Curriculum areas: Team and individual games, Gymnastics, Dance, Athletics, Outdoor Adventurous activities and Fitness.

Year 7 PE CurriculumYear 8 PE CurriculumYear 9 PE Curriculum

Students have the option to attend extra-curricular activities at lunch and after school. We encourage every student to attend at least one club every term.

Key Stage 4

Year 7 Knowledge Organisers

Year 8 Knowledge Organisers

GCSE Knowledge Organisers

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Paper 2

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