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RE / Religious Studies

What is the vision of RE at Priory? 

The aim of RE at Priory is to gain a good sense of self and to explore in-depth thinking about life. It aims to allow students to be able to question, explore and think for themselves. RE at Priory enables students to learn and appreciate the differences and similarities between all faith groups and non-faith groups in order to form a respectful society. This subject also aims to create deep reflective thinkers who can transfer these skills into the wider world and all aspects of their own lives. 

The RE Department believe the curriculum is demanding and varied allowing the students to find in their learning plenty of material to fascinate and stimulate, much to think about creatively and deeply, some challenges to each person to play their part in a better community and the chance to explore spirituality for themselves.

The Purpose of Knowledge Organisers

A knowledge organiser sets out the important, useful and powerful knowledge on a topic. For students to succeed in RE, they must have a foundation of factual knowledge, understand those facts and be able to apply them to a specific context. We at Priory Academy believe that the use of knowledge organisers can enhance and further students’ learning, therefore we are building them into our curriculum and are encouraging the use of them at home for home learning purposes and for revision. Please click on the correct year group and term for the current knowledge organiser being used.

Learning Journey Year 5 - 11

Key Stage 2

In year 5 students will look at the topic of creation thinking about what religion is and what people believe about God.

Through this topic students will explore different ideas about how everything started both from a religious and scientific perspective.

We also start to explore two from the main 6 world religions, Islam and the Jewish Faith. 

Year 5 RE Curriculum

In year 6 students look at values in term one this explores ideas through Humanism and Christianity. This will build a foundation of understanding beliefs and actions which will be explored further throughout their time at Priory.

We explore the topic of God and the universe which draws further on the ideas of how and why we came into existence. This sets students to question their beliefs on life after death and the meaning of life.

The final topic studied is Hindu Dharma, this allows students to explore another of the six world religions.

Year 6 Curriculum

Key Stage 3

In year 7 students will explore who Jesus is as a topic, we focus here on the life and teachings of Jesus. Allowing us to set a foundation of how beliefs affect our actions.

Next we explore another of the 6 world religions the Sikhi Faith.

Finally we we explore the topic of death, this is designed to get students to reflect on and question what makes them wonder in life and death. They will also look at different religious and non religious ideas on death and the idea of an afterlife.

Year 7 Curriculum

In year 8 students look at the topic what guides my life, this focuses on what guides us and how. We also explore the impact of good and bad guidance in our lives. This is further looked at through the topics of racism and the power of forgiveness, which will set foundations for exploring ethical issues in year 9.

Following on from this the students explore another of the 6 world faiths Buddhist Dharma, they will explore how religion influences our actions and way of life.

At the end of year 8 the students explore the themes of Drugs , questioning why people take them, how they affect our lives and what religions teach about them.

Year 8 RE Curriculum

In year 9 the students explore Humanism looking at a non religious belief and value system. This topic focuses on understanding a Humanist perspective on life and death.

The students then explore the Rastafari religion looking at its origins and belief systems. The students can then look at compare similarities and differences between this faith and the Christian faith drawing on previous learning from earlier years.

The second half of the year is spent exploring ethical issues such as war and peace and religion and family The students will explore many questions about these topics from both a religious and non religious viewpoint. They will reflect how war and issues related to family life impact and influence people in the modern world.

Year 9 RE Curriculum

Key Stage 4

KS2 (Year 5 & 6) Knowledge Organisers

Year 7 Knowledge Organisers

Year 8 Knowledge Organisers

Year 9 Knowledge Organisers

GCSE Paper 1 Knowledge Organisers

GCSE Paper 2 Knowledge Organisers

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