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Sports Studies



It is our intent to develop well-rounded individuals by giving students the opportunity to challenge themselves in four key areas, leadership, independence, teamwork and resilience. We aim to teach students the tools necessary to develop their skills in order to complete the various units, providing them with opportunities to use the four key areas and embed core experiences which will support them in their learning journey and any future aspirations.


Throughout the different units, students are taught and encouraged to utilise their skills in order to complete their assignments. Skills ranging from independent research to taking students out of their comfort zone, using their resilience and leadership to lead and officiate groups in sporting activities. The course runs over two years but has an introductory unit in Y9 that runs parallel with our sports leadership drive.

This is a vocational qualification that takes an engaging, practical and inspiring approach to learning and assessment. The Cambridge Nationals in Sport Studies provides students with a broad knowledge and understanding of different aspects of sports studies, from looking at contemporary issues in sport and the relationship between sport and the media to developing the practical skills essential for progression into the sports industry.

The sport and the media unit aims to give students the opportunity to assess media content and explore how media impacts on our daily lives, with a focus on sport. It also promotes Priory’s literacy development looking at features and aspects of media formats and exploring the journalistic world of sport and the media. It also gives students the skills and opportunity to assess relevant sporting news and current affairs with an analytical perspective.

This course has a large focus on leadership and aims to take students out of their comfort zone and improve resilience. The course is also there to help develop fun and healthy school competition led by students for students. This leadership section focuses on the qualities leaders possess and evaluate their own strengths and weakness, giving them the experiences of organising and running events. This unit spans the length of the course as it contains values and skills required to improve students in other areas of their schooling such as planning, organisation, teamwork, leadership, and positivity.

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Sports Studies Curriculum

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