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Life Skills


Our Life skills journey at Priory Academy aims to prepare students to be able to function confidently and safely in the real world, as good citizens who are the very best version of themselves. Through an emphasis on resilience, self-esteem, self-respect, aspiration and ambition we encourage independence and for students to take responsibility for their actions and the world they live in.

We strive to have well informed citizens, able to evaluate situations and make well informed life decisions. To achieve this, we believe in consistency and using age appropriate content, delivered without prejudice or discrimination and with tolerance and respect at its core.

We start teaching Life skills in key stage 2, introducing themes and concepts that are revisited and developed into greater depth throughout key stages 3 and 4. Each student receives 50 minutes of Life Skills per week with additional focus in form time throughout the year along with external visitors who are able to demonstrate consequences of actions first hand.

With the whole school literacy focus in mind, lessons include discussion and debating to develop oracy skills and both comprehension and written tasks.

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